DOB Equity is an independent, long-term investor in companies in East Africa. An entrepreneurial Dutch family, who was very successful in developing retail concepts for supermarkets and drug stores in The Netherlands and abroad, created DOB Equity and is its sole capital provider.

DOB Equity invests in companies that will positively contribute to a more social and sustainable society and deliver long-term profitability. The fund is evergreen with all proceeds from investments reinvested into the fund, making DOB Equity a true long-term growth partner to portfolio companies.

The fund is supported by a team of professionals in The Netherlands, Kenya and Tanzania and an Investment Committee. This provides DOB Equity with a deep insight into the unique opportunities and challenges that Africa presents, enabling DOB Equity to provide tailor made capital solutions to enterprises, resulting in lasting performance.

DOB Equity is member of ANDE and AVCA:


DOB Equity has ALN as legal advisor: