Privacy Policy


Your privacy and trust are important to us and this Privacy Statement provides important information about how DOB handles personal information.
In this privacy statement we will use certain terms:

  • Personal data: data that directly and indirectly identify you. For example: name, address, date of birth, nationality, but also income.
  • Processing: any acts that can be performed in relation to personal data. These may include collection, storage, use, but also removal of your data.


  1. Whose personal data are processed by DOB?

We process, collect and utilise solely the personal data which you provide directly, or data which have evidently been submitted to us for processing purposes. These are data of persons with whom we have, wish to have, or used to have, a direct or indirect relationship. This may include personal data of:

  • Investees and their representatives
  • Persons of companies or organisations who show interest in our activities, our products and services
  • Persons who are associated with a business or organisation with which we have, wish to have, or used to have, a relationship, consultants performing services or assignments for us.

We collect and utilise the personal data which you provide directly, or data which are evidently submitted to us for processing purposes. To protect your interest as well as our own, we may process personal data of third parties. For example for purposes of fraud control.

  1. For what purposes does DOB process personal data?

Your data shall be processed fairly and lawfully. We process personal data for the following purposes

  • To be able to enter into a relationship with you.
  • To maintain the relationship with you and to execute an agreement or a contract.
  • For purposes of our operations. For example, we process personal data to close deals or execute an exit. Also as an investor and donor, it is necessary for us to obtain an overview of our investees/donor organisations in order to assess our risk when providing a loan or a donation and when obtaining equity.
  • To perform statutory obligations. We are required by certain national and international laws and regulations to collect data about you. In order to fulfil legal requirements, we sometimes have to disclose personal data to tax authorities in and outside the Netherlands. In addition, based on our duty of care, we are required to process personal data whenever there is cause to do so.
  • To protect your and our vital interests. We may process personal data, for instance, to investigate fraud. To fight cybercrime we may transmit your data to third parties. We only do so after we have made strict arrangements with these parties regarding the careful use of your data.
  • For promotional purposes. For example to inform you about an event we organise that may be of interest to you.
  • For archiving purposes. We do not collect more data than is necessary for the purpose set above. If we do not store data for those purposes we may nonetheless do so for archiving purposes. That means that the data will only be used for legal proceedings or for historiography.


  1. Does DOB also process sensitive data?

Sensitive data are special types of personal data, for example criminal data or racial or ethnic data. We will process sensitive data only if so required by law, with your consent, or at your request.

  1. Cookies

DOB does not register visitor data from its website visitors. Personal contact information shall only be used to maintain the relationship.

  1. How does DOB treat your personal data?

We incorporate and use personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, that means:

    • your personal data are stored carefully;
    • we treat your personal data confidentially and with the utmost care;
    • everyone who is able to view your data, is bound by a confidentiality code;
    • we do not keep your personal data longer than necessary;
    • we sometimes engage third parties to edit personal data, only if third party has taken appropriate security measures. For example in the context of payment transactions.
    • your personal data may also be shared with third parties that we engage in our operations. This may include transfer to third parties in countries that do not have an adequate data protection level.
    • We will not sell, hire out or provide your information to any other third party.
  1. Security level

DOB protects the data entrusted to it by technical and organizational security measures to minimize the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and modification. You can think of firewalls, encryption of data and physical and administrative access controls up to the data and servers. If you think that data has been misused, you can contact us. Our contact details are listed in point 7.

  1. Your rights

If you have a relationship with our organization, you may ask to be informed of the data that pertain to you kept on record in our system and we have used those.

If the recorded details are incorrect or incomplete, or you feel they are not relevant to the case being processed, you may submit a written request to alter, add, remove or screen details. You will receive a response within 4 weeks. You can send your request (with a copy of your ID) to:

Janny Fidder
IJsseldijk 1
8194 LA Veessen
The Netherlands

If you do not wish to be contacted, you can inform us of this in writing.

  1. Adjustment of this privacy statement

We reserve the right to change our privacy statement. Changes will be published on our website.